University of Southampton Calendar 2005/6 (Archive)

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Coat of Arms, Dates of Semesters, Mission Statement, Correspondence

Section I
Visitor; Officers of the University; Other Office Bearers; Staff of the University (local access only)

Section II
Membership of Court, Senate and Committees (local access only)

Section III
Charter, Statutes and Ordinances

Section IV
General Regulations, Fees, Charges and Expenses, Disability Statement, Academic Appeals, Student Complaints

Section V
Regulations for Higher Degrees

Sections VI - VIII
Academic Regulations

Section IX
Institutions affiliated to the University, Appointments to Outside Bodies, Foundation and Memorial Lectures, Emeritus Professors, Honorary Graduates of the University, Former Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, and Deputy Vice-Chancellors (local access only)

Section X
General Information and Sources of Assistance, Students' Union, Information for Tutors and Supervisors (local access only)

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