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Section IV : General Regulations
Regulations Governing Halls of Residence

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This document sets out the regulations and code of conduct for you, and those living around you, in University Halls of Residence. Much of the document will appear as commonsense but it is important that we set this out in detail so that all residents understand what is expected of them to facilitate an appropriate living environment.

This document forms part of a legally binding contract for accommodation, namely your Residence Agreement. Please make sure that you read and understand the content of this document. If there is anything that you do not understand, please contact the Student Services Centre on +44 (0)23 8059 9599.

1. Your Accommodation
  Your accommodation is there to support you as a student at the University of Southampton. The Halls provide for a residential study environment and community.
2. Conduct
  Your responsibilities:
  • You must comply with any reasonable request from any member of University staff.

  • You must provide suitable current ID, such as your student or hall ID card, at the request of any member of staff.

  • You must not smoke in any communal spaces (eg: common rooms, bars, stairwells, entrance areas, corridors, kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms or toilets). If the room allocated is a smoking room, which will be specified by a 'Smoking Room' sign on the noticeboard, you may smoke only within this space. If the bedroom is not clearly identified as a smoking room, you are responsible for not allowing smoking in the room. You must not store smoking paraphernalia in a non-smoking room. Please note that the University reserves the right to change the designation of any room from 'smoking' to 'non-smoking' either temporarily or permanently.

  • You must respect the property and premises and not cause damage. Students will be charged reasonable costs for damages they are responsible for and which are not due to normal wear and tear. The assessment of any charge will be made by the Hall Manager.

  • You must respect other residents, University staff, visitors or guests invited onto the premises. Abusive, threatening, harassing or violent behaviour is contrary to the University's ethos, culture and beliefs and will be treated accordingly.

  • You must accept full responsibility and supervision for your guests and visitors.

  • You must not cause nuisance or noise affecting the work or sleep of others at any time in order to maintain a vibrant, diverse and friendly living environment.

  • You must not cause damage, nuisance or noise which adversely affects residents in and around your local community.

  • You must not keep items of private and public property, including street furniture, on Hall premises.

  • You must not possess, use or store any item that may effect the safety of the premises and/or any person.

  • You must maintain your accommodation in a clean and appropriate manner. You will be asked to rectify the matter if you do not do so. Should you fail to act, additional cleaning will be undertaken at your cost.

  • You will not deliberately misuse the Student Telephony and Student Data Network services, including the creation of cable links between computers located within one or more than one part of the Hall premises. Students are referred specifically to the University of Southampton Information Systems Services (ISS) Rules and Guidelines which are:

    and which govern the use of all computing equipment and Student Data Networking services.

  • You must accept that the possession, use, sale or other trafficking of illegal drugs or controlled substances will not be tolerated in Hall. Any resident involved in drug-related activity is likely to be permanently excluded from Hall and reported to the Police authorities.

  • You will not bring onto the premises any pets or livestock.
Our responsibilities
  • We must take reasonable actions to promote a friendly, diverse and study-conducive environment.

  • We must provide the hours of cleaning prescribed for your accommodation as listed in your Hall.

  • We must notify students where the standards of cleanliness are inappropriate.

  • We must investigate any complaint of misconduct.

  • We must refer any matter of a sufficiently serious nature to the student's Head of School.

  • We must take disciplinary action in order to correct and mitigate inappropriate behaviour.
3. Disciplinary Procedure
  To promote an appropriate living environment and to protect all residents it is sometimes necessary to take disciplinary action against individuals and groups of residents where breaches of these regulations occur.

The range of disciplinary action will be to:
  • issue verbal warnings;
  • issue written warnings copied to personal tutor/supervisor;
  • issue written warnings and fines to a maximum of £100 copied to personal tutor/supervisor;
  • instruct a student to move room or Hall;
  • issue a Notice to Quit Accommodation copied to personal tutor/supervisor;
  • issue a referral to the Head of School to invoke the University's Disciplinary Procedure.
Any student subject to disciplinary action has the right of appeal in the first instance to the Assistant Director, Business & Community Services, University of Southampton SO17 1BJ or his/her appointed nominee. This must be received within 7 days of the resident being formally notified of this action.
4. Health and Safety
  To achieve the necessary standards of health and safety, a positive commitment is required from all members of the University.

  Your responsibilities
  • You must not create hazards for yourself or others.

  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure that your own health and safety, and that of anyone else who may be affected by your actions, is not compromised in any way.

  • To keep all rooms, passageways, stairways, exits and fire exits on Hall premises clear of obstruction and combustible materials at all times.

  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure that no rubbish, refuse or any other materials are placed or left to create obstruction in the sinks, baths, showers, lavatories, cisterns and any other pipework.

  • To ensure all food products, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are maintained and stored safely and hygienically.

  • To familiarise yourself with the Hall fire procedures and with any other publicised emergency procedures.

  • Not to wedge fire doors open.

  • Not to leave cooking unattended.

  • Not to use candles or incense in any part of the Hall.

  • Not to misuse any equipment installed for the safety of yourself and other residents. It is a criminal offence to willfully set off, damage or misuse any fire exit, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, fire detector or any other emergency appliance provided for the safety of residents.

  • To evacuate the premises immediately when the fire alarm is sounding and not to return until instructed to do so.

  • To ensure that personal possessions used in your accommodation meet fire, electrical and safety regulations and standards.

  • You must not bring any fridges, freezers, heaters, microwaves or other domestic appliances. Rice cookers, kettles and toasters are allowed in the kitchen areas only if they meet the required safety standards.

  • You must not interfere with or add to any of the provided services or utilities such as lighting, heating, white goods, data connection, fixtures and fittings.

  • To notify Hall management of any damage, fault or disrepair as soon as you notice it.

  • To register with a local GP and to look after yourself. Where you require on-site medical assistance, ensure the wardens or Hall management are notified.

  • Not to bring into Hall items of soft furnishings such as chairs, sofas and curtains.

  Our responsibilities
  • To deliver the Health and Safety at Work legislation.

  • To ensure all employees and residents take all reasonable steps to maintain their own health and safety and that of anyone else who may be affected by their actions.

  • To ensure all works undertaken on the premises are carried out by competent, approved contractors engaged and controlled by the University.

  • To keep all passageways, stairways, exits and fire exits on Hall premises clear of obstruction and combustible materials at all times.

  • To report to the Head of School and the University's Health and Safety Committee any malicious activation or interference with all fire safety equipment.

  • To ensure the premises are evacuated during a fire alarm and not re-occupied until the appropriate clearance is given.

  • To inspect your accommodation regularly, including communal areas, and remove from the premises any products or equipment which contravenes fire, electrical and safety regulations and standards.

  • To ensure that all services and facilities provided in your accommodation meet fire, electrical and safety regulations and standards.

  • To provide domestic appliances appropriate to the service standards for the accommodation.

  • To ensure any damages, faults or disrepairs are rectified as soon as is possible and in line with the Service Standards displayed in the Hall.
5. Security
  Security is the responsibility of every member of the University including its students.

  Your responsibilities
  • Not to allow any unidentified person onto the premises.
  • Not to give out door codes or loan keys and not to wedge lockable doors open.
  • To inform University staff immediately of any security concerns.
  • To keep windows securely locked when you are out.
  • To lock your doors when you leave your room.
  • Report lost keys immediately.
  • Not to duplicate the keys to your accommodation.

  Our responsibilities
  • To record and monitor all incidents and security-related matters.
  • To maintain and monitor the CCTV equipment in and on Hall sites.
  • To ensure that the security measures in place are maintained and in good order.
  • To replace lost keys for a charge.
6. Complaints
  We encourage residents to let us know if they are unhappy with any aspect of their accommodation. If you are dissatisfied with an element of your accommodation you should submit a complaint using the following procedure:
  1. Discuss your complaint immediately with a member of staff.

  2. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, set out your issue in writing, ideally including the resolution you are seeking, and submit this to the Hall Manager or Warden.

  3. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, set out your issue in writing, ideally including the resolution you are seeking, and submit this to the Assistant Director of Business & Community Services.

  4. If the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction, your complaint will be investigated using the University Complaints Procedure.
You have further rights of complaint to the governing body of the UUK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Accommodation if:
  • you have used the above complaints process and remain dissatisfied;
  • your complaint relates directly to an element of the Code (see
7. Occupancy and Termination
  To be eligible for accommodation you must be a registered student in full-time education at the University of Southampton. During the period of your residence agreement should you, at any stage, no longer be in full-time education, the University reserves the right to require you to leave Halls within 7 days of the change in your registration.

We will consider providing accommodation for those without full-time registration on the merits of individual cases.

Irrespective of a resident's student status, these regulations are binding.

  Period of Residence
  All students should note that liability for payment of residence fees will commence once a place has been formally agreed by accepting the Residence Agreement and/or taking possession of the key and/or taking possession of the accommodation whichever occurs first.

The period of residence is set out in your Residence Agreement.

  Your responsibilities
  • To have accepted the offer of accommodation prior to arrival.

  • To notify us if you are arriving before or after the start date of your Residence Agreement. Please note that, if you are arriving outside the dates of your contract, there will be additional charges for the extra nights' accommodation.

  • To arrive within 24 hours of your contract start date or inform us in writing if you are arriving later. Please note that you are still liable for fees from the start date of your contract if arriving late.

  • To vacate your accommodation by 10:00 am on the final day of your contract.

  • To return the keys to your accommodation by 10:00 am on the final day or accept liability for payment of the room thereafter until the keys are returned.

  • To ensure that your accommodation is left in a reasonable state which would include being clean and free from possessions and rubbish when you leave.

  • To ensure that the fees for your accommodation are paid in line with the University's financial regulations.

  Our responsibilities
  • To provide the accommodation as specified for the period of your residence agreement.

  • To ensure that the accommodation is clean and prepared for your expected arrival.

  • To hold your room if you inform us that you are arriving later than the start date of your contract.
All residents please note that your Residence Agreement gives you the right to occupy your Hall but does not offer you exclusive possession of a particular room. Whilst students will normally be allowed to remain in the accommodation they are allocated to, the Hall Manager, Warden or Assistant Director of Business and Community Services may require you to change Hall or room to one of the same or similar standard with reasonable notice; reasonable notice being not less that one week unless agreed otherwise with the student, or immediately in the case of an emergency.

Catered students please note that food will not be provided on Bank Holidays or during University vacation periods.

  If for any reason you wish to transfer from one room to another or between different Halls of Residence, you should complete a transfer form. These are available from Hall receptions or offices, the Student Services Centre or online. This form should be submitted to the Hall Manager of your current Hall who will arrange a transfer if possible. Please note that there is a fee payable of £50 to transfer accommodation.

  Sub-letting and Guests
  No one other than yourself may live in your room. Sub-letting and/or the loaning of your accommodation is not allowed under any circumstances.

The sharing of single accommodation is allowed only where prior permission for a guest has been given by the Hall Manager or Warden. No guest under the age of 18 is permitted to stay in any Hall.

  Early Release from Contract
  It is important you understand that, in accepting this accommodation, you have contracted to remain in residence for the full period of the agreement and are liable for such.

Early release is only possible where the University can replace you with no financial loss to the institution.

In exceptional circumstances we will consider an application for early release from your contractual liability even if we cannot replace you. In these circumstances you will need to provide, to the University's satisfaction, suitable evidence to support your case for early release and all requests must be made in writing to the Hall Manager. Students who have their requests rejected by the Hall Manager have a right of appeal to the Assistant Director of Business and Community Services within 7 days of receipt of the initial rejection of their request.

It is important you understand that the contract to stay in Halls is for a fixed term and you will remain liable for fees unless you are formally released by the University. Returning the keys and removing your possessions will not be sufficient to end your contractual liability.

  Access to Accommodation
  The Halls of Residence are University premises and as such any member of University staff, contractor or appropriate public services may be granted access to the general accommodation areas. Where access is required to your study bedroom or self-contained flat, particular responsibilities apply.

  Your responsibilities
  • You must not allow access to unknown or unidentified persons presenting at your accommodation. In such circumstances, you should contact a member of staff for assistance.

  • To allow access to your accommodation, upon production of appropriate ID, to all members of staff and/or University contractors.

  Our responsibilities
  • To serve the following notice of our intention to access your accommodation:

    • Emergency Access: Should we feel the situation is an emergency, the University will access your accommodation immediately irrespective of whether you are present or not. If you are not present, we will leave notification that we have been there and why.

    • Urgent Access: We will give a day's notice of our intention to access your accommodation including the reasons for access.

    • Planned/Routine Access: We will give you 7 days notice of our intention to access your accommodation including the reasons for access.

  • To ensure that all staff, contractors and public services representatives are aware that they must display valid ID when working in Halls of Residence.
8. Payment of Residence Fees and Pre-payments
  Included in your offer of accommodation are the fees payable and the schedule of payments for your accommodation.

Your responsibilities
  • You must be aware of the University's financial regulations.

  • You must review your Financial Account regularly by logging onto the SUSSED portal, clicking on the 'Resources' tab and the 'My Financial Account' link. This will detail any outstanding accommodation fees.

  • You should make appropriate arrangements to pay your accommodation fees in time. The University's preferred payment method is by direct debit.
Our responsilities
  • We will process any payments in a timely manner.

  • We will notify you of any outstanding debts incurred.

  • We will issue a Notice to Quit your accommodation if your debts are not cleared within a reasonable time. This is a legal process which terminates your contract and you will have to find alternative accommodation whilst still being liable for the debt owing to the University.

  • To inform academic Schools and relevant Professional Services of any outstanding debt and action taken as appropriate.
9. Amendments to the Halls Regulations
  Any regulations may be subject to amendment by the University to correct any error or omission provided that:
  • the amendment does not materially affect the Regulations;
  • the Regulations are no more onerous;
  • the Regulations remain fair and equitable for all students throughout.
10. General Information
  It is your responsibility to insure your personal possessions against loss, theft or damage. The University does not insure your personal belongings.

You are not allowed to conduct any form of business, trade, profession or employment or any other commercial activity including casual agreements resulting in any non-residential use of the premises even if you do not receive any income. You should be aware that this includes using the Hall address, internal mail system, Hall notice boards, the Student Telephony Service and the Student Data Network.

The University cannot guarantee the continuity of the electricity, gas, water, telephony and data network service supplies to the Halls of Residence because such services are not entirely subject to the University's control. Therefore the University will not accept any responsibility or liability for any losses which may be incurred as a result of any interruption in the supply of these services.

The University has the following policies, details of which will be made available to you when you have enrolled at the University.
  • Substance Abuse Policy: this policy gives guidance on alcohol-related behaviour and smoking practice.
  • The University's Disciplinary Procedure.
  • The University's Harassment Policy.
  • Car Parking Policy : Please note that other than at arrival and departure time, parking is only available with a valid permit displayed. First year undergraduates are not allowed, unless there are exceptional grounds, to purchase a Halls parking permit.

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