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Section XIII : Academic Regulations - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

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Academic Unit Southampton Education School
Final Award Bachelor of Arts Education and Training (Honours)
Programme(s) Education and Training
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Reference should be made to the University's General Regulations found in Section IV and Section V (Higher Degree Regulations) of the University Calendar.

Except where an opt-out has been granted by the University (see below) the following academic regulations apply in addition to the General Regulations.

1. Admissions
1.1 Applicants for admission to the programme will be required to have completed work equivalent to the first two years of a full-time Honours degree. Qualifications permitting eligibility for entry to the degree include Foundation Degree in a related subject or at least 220 CATS (110 ECTS) credits in a related field.
1.2 Exceptionally, and subject to the approval of the Programme Board, an applicant possessing other qualifications and experience may be admitted by the Programme Board. All candidates for admission will be interviewed.
1.3 For those applicants with fewer than 220 CATS (110 ECTS) credits, it may be possible to apply for Special Admission. Applications will need to be evidenced against the identified learning outcomes with appropriate professional qualifications and/or work experience and will need to be substantiated by submission of a portfolio of work related evidence together with an assignment reflecting on these experiences. Applications via special admissions will follow the School's procedures for such applications.
1.4 In line with the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy, individuals are treated on their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within the module, School and University. The aim of the policy is to ensure that no prospective student or current student should receive any less favourable treatment on any grounds which are not relevant to academic ability and attainment. Every effort is made to ensure that disabled students are aware of and assisted in making use of the support provided by the University; to ensure access to lectures, classes, learning materials; and to ensure that where necessary appropriate variations to normal examining arrangements are made.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 The Bachelor of Arts in Education and Training will be offered as a part-time Honours degree programme equivalent to one year full-time study at level 6.
2.2 The degree comprises 5 modules plus 1 double module. Successful completion of six of the modules will confer 20 CATS (10 ECTS) credit points at level 6. The double module confers 40 CATS (20 ECTS) credits at level 6.
2.3 The degree will normally be completed over a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years.
2.4 For further details on the modules see the Programme Specification.

3. Progression
The programme follows the University of Southampton's regulations for progression.

4. Assessment
4.1 Marking Scale
In accordance with University of Southampton regulations, the pass mark for assignments and modules is 40%. All assignments are marked on a percentage basis. Any work submitted late without an approved extension will be capped at 40%.
4.2 Fails, repeats and referrals
The programme follows the University of Southampton's regulations for fails, repeats and referrals. Subject to the approval of the Programme Board, candidates who have been unsuccessful in the examination for any one module may present themselves for re-examination in that module once only. The conditions for the re-examination of each candidate shall be prescribed by the Board.
4.3 Special Considerations
If a student misses assessed work through illness or other good reason, or under-performs for a specific period because of external factors, then that student can apply to the Special Considerations Board.
4.4 Examination Board
All students' performance shall be assessed by the Programme's Examination Board in accordance with the School's regulations governing examinations. Details of the process for submission of coursework can be found in the Programme Handbook.

5. Award of Qualification(s)
5.1 Candidates will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Education and Training Honours Degree provided they satisfy the examiners at the Examination Board in all the coursework assignments of all the modules.
5.2 The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Education and Training is awarded by Senate on the recommendation of the School of Education to candidates who have satisfactorily completed an approved course of study in the School of Education and have satisfied the examination requirements. The degree may be awarded with Honours or as a Pass degree.
5.3 The degree will be awarded to candidates successfully passing all modules with a minimum of 120 CATS (60 ECTS) credit points at Level 6.
5.4 If necessary, candidates are referred to the University’s regulations and procedures for review/appeals and complaints.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
Not applicable.

7. Other
7.1 These regulations may be revised during the student's period of registration in accordance with the procedures approved by Senate.
7.2 Candidates are required to attend all taught university sessions.
7.3 Students should comply with the University's regulations on attendance. They are expected to attend at least 80% of the sessions for each module, except in agreed and/or unavoidable circumstances.

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