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Academic Unit Psychology
Final Award D.Clin.Psychol.
Programme(s) Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Last modified 21 June 2008
Reviewed in June 2009; no changes made
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Academic regulations for research degree programmes (without taught elements) are written and maintained by the University and can be found in Section V of the University Calendar.

1. Admissions
1.1 Candidates must hold the Graduate Basis for Registration as defined by the British Psychological Society.
1.2 Psychology supports the University's commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities and cultural diversity. Students are selected solely on the basis of their relevant academic merits and abilities.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 Candidates for the Doctorate will be required to follow a three year training programme of supervised clinical experience, academic teaching and research leading to a doctoral degree, dated as from their registration.
2.2 The programme to be followed shall be one of instruction, supervised study, clinical practice and research and shall be full-time.

3. Progression
3.1 Entry to years 2 and 3 of the programme is normally contingent upon satisfactory academic and clinical performance in the previous year.

4. Assessment
4.1 The schedule of assessments will comprise of three parts, as specified in the programme specification, to cover:
Part One Assessment of Academic Competence
Part Two Assessment of Clinical Competence
Part Three Assessment of Research Competence including submission of a research thesis and viva voce examination.
4.2 All elements of parts One, Two and Three shall normally be completed no later than the end of September of the third year of the programme.
4.3 In part One, candidates who fail one of the written assignments will be required to re-submit.
4.4 In part Two, candidates who fail one of the written assignments will be required to re-submit.

5. Award of Qualification(s)
5.1 Candidates must normally complete all parts of the examination within five years of first registering.
5.2 Candidates who fail the D.Clin.Psychol. programme will not be permittedto re-register.
5.3 The research thesis shall be examined by an integral examiner appointed by the programme and also by an external examiner appointed by the Board. Candidates will also normally be required to attend an oral examination.
5.4 The examiners for each candidate shall recommend one of the following courses of action:
  • That the degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology be awarded.

  • That the degree for which the candidate has submitted the thesis be awarded subject, if necessary, to minor or modest amendments being made by a date specified.

  • That the candidate be permitted to submit, by a date specified, a revised thesis for the same degree for re-examination on one subsequent occasion.

  • That the candidate be required to attend a further oral examination.

  • That the degree is not awarded and re-submission be not permitted.
5.5 A candidate who fails to submit a corrected or revised thesis by the date set by the examiners shall normally be regarded as having failed.
5.6 The final award is awarded by Senate on the recommendation of the Exam Board to candidates who have satisfactorily completed an approved course of study and have satisfied the assessment requirements.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
6.1 Clinical placements normally take place within the NHS and meet BPS accreditation requirements in terms of duration and range.

7. Other
7.1 For the purposes of these regulations, the University shall be deemed to include clinical institutions where Psychology is satisfied that University staff can arrange proper supervision of clinical practice and research.
7.2 These regulations may be revised during the student's period of registration in accordance with the procedures approved by Senate.

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