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Section IV : General Regulations
The Students Union

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Officers of the Students' Union

President Sam Ling
Vice-President Academic Affairs Sasha Watson
Vice-President Communications David Gilani
Vice-President Sport Development Dean Jones
Vice-President Student Engagement Shane Murphy
Vice-President Welfare & Communities Chloe Green
Vice-President Winchester and Sites Nicole Trengove
Equality and Diversity Officer Amanda Li
Ethical and Environmental Officer Joshua Cox
Student Trustee Emily Miles
Student Trustee Peter Ward
Student Trustee Rupert Bailey
Stuent Trustee Zack Young
External Trustee Michael Snell CBE BSc(Econ) MA PGCert(Ed) ACIS
External Trustee Mark Beattie
External Trustee Nigel Coopey
External Trustee Vacant
General Manager Jaki Booth BCom (Hons)
Head of Commercial Development Tony Addison
Head of Commercial Services, Media and Techology Alex Barfield
Head of Finance John Mills FCCA
Head of Membership Services and Engagement Vacant
Head of People Development Gemma Beardsmore MCIPD


The full members of the Union shall be the following:
  1. The Sabbatical officers of the Union who are members for the whole of the term of office specified at the time of their election.

  2. All registered full-time students of the University on a credit bearing course, including all registered visiting and exchange students of the University but excluding those students who have exercised their right to opt out of membership. An undergraduate who is absent from the University in fulfilment of the year abroad requirement will continue to be a member of the Union.

  3. Those registered part-time students of the University defined in the Rules as full members of the Union, excluding those students who have exercised their right to opt out of membership (see below).

The Union also offers other forms of membership as follows:
  1. Associate Membership, which is available on payment of the appropriate fee, to:

    • all other registered part-time students of the University;
    • all members of staff of the University;
    • SUSU Staff;
    • any person who has at some time held full membership of the Union, but no longer holds this membership;
    • such persons as the Union in accordance with its Laws may elect as honorary life members.

  2. Temporary Membership, which is available on payment of the appropriate fee, to:

    • Spouse/partner of current student (free);
    • Members of public, who have significant input into SUSU clubs or societies – must be approved by the student group (club or society);
    • such persons who already members of Students’ Unions in other institutions of higher or further education as the Union in accordance with its Laws may elect as external members.
Membership is not transferable.

Opting out of Membership

Under the terms of the Education Act l994, any student may exercise their right to opt out of membership of the Students' Union. At its meeting on 28 March 1995 the University's Council agreed a code of practice which sets out how all the requirements of the Act will be met, including making provision for opting out. At the beginning of each session students will automatically be registered as members of the Students' Union unless they inform the Director of Student Services in writing within four weeks of their initial enrolment or the start of their programme of study of their wish to opt out of membership.

A student who exercises his/her right to opt out should not be unfairly disadvantaged with regard to the provision of services (or otherwise) by reason of having done so. If a student believes that he/she has been unfairly disadvantaged, he/she may invoke the complaints procedures, as set out in the Standing Orders of the Students' Union. Copies of the Code of Practice regarding the requirements of the Education Act l994 are available for consultation in the Students' Union.

A student who opts out shall have no Union membership status whatsoever. However he/she shall be able to use the facilities provided by the Union as if he/she were an associate member, but will not be required to pay any fee.

These facilities shall include:
  • licensed bars, shops, catering services, and other Union-run trading areas;
  • sports facilities, common rooms and recreation areas, provided on Union premises;
  • clubs, societies and sports (Athletic Union) clubs;
  • the Advice Centre, and other welfare related services.
A student who decides to opt out of the Students' Union shall not be able to:
  • be involved in the government or administration of the Union;

  • stand for election to any Union office;

  • vote on any issue decided by the Union or participate in any Union elections;

  • be represented by the Union in any matter;

  • have his/her interests represented by the Union to the University, other student bodies, other organisations and persons, or members of the general public;

  • be a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) or any other body to which the Union may from time to time be affiliated and/or represent the Students' Union on any other national body or organisation to which the Students' Union affiliates.
Note: The Students' Union is currently not affiliated to the NUS and, therefore, none of its members is eligible for NUS cards or other NUS services.

Students requiring further information about opting out of membership of the Students' Union may telephone the Student Services Centre on 023 8059 9599. Requests to opt out should be made on the attached form and handed in to Student Services Centre within four weeks of the student's initial enrolment, or the start of the student's programme of study. The completed form must be accompanied by the student's current ID card; receipt of the form and card will be acknowledged and the student will be informed how to obtain a replacement card. No requests to opt out will be entertained until the existing ID card has been surrendered.

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