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Section XIII : Academic Regulations - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

ARCHIVE 2008/9
ARCHIVE 2009/10
Academic Unit Southampton Education School (managed and delivered by the Professional Development Unit [PDU])
Final Award Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP)
Programme(s) PCAP Modules 1 and 2 and 3
Last modified July 2014

Reference should be made to the University's General Regulations found in Section IV and Section V (Higher Degree Regulations) of the University Calendar.

Except where an opt-out has been granted by the University (see below) the following academic regulations apply in addition to the General Regulations.

1. Admissions
1.1 Eligibility
Candidates must be academic or related staff within the University or staff in a partner institution teaching University of Southampton students.
1.2 Fellows of the Higher Education Academy are exempt from PCAP.
1.3 Normally candidates must be engaged in at least 20 hours of teaching activities in an academic year as part of their normal professional duties. They will have been nominated by, or receive the support of, their Head of Academic Unit. University admissions regulations for a Higher Degree apply.
1.4 Equal Opportunities
All individuals are selected and treated on their relative merits and abilities in line with the University's Equal Opportunities Policy. Disabled applicants will be treated according to the same procedure as any other applicant with the added involvement of the Enabling Services Office to assess their needs.
1.5 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
RPL opportunities are available for candidates applying to take part in PCAP. RPL is given where it can be demonstrated that the applicant has some prior learning that is judged to be equivalent to the learning which would occur from following and completing Module 1. This learning can be demonstrated through previously assessed and certificated learning or through learning achieved within HE.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 PCAP is a part-time work-based programme consisting of three 10 ECTS (20 CATS) level 7 credit modules, delivered by the PDU and advised by the Southampton Education School. Participants are supported by an approved mentor recommended by their Academic Unit. Candidates follow a taught component, have meetings with their mentor, engage in practice-related and independent learning and complete assignments which are assessed.
2.2 The programme begins at the start of semester 1 with other start points during the year. In normal circumstances, it is expected that PCAP participants will complete Module 1 in one semester, Module 2 in the following semester and Module 3 over the following two semesters. Module 3 has two options, one of which is required for completion of PCAP. Flexible options are available for attendance upon agreement with the individual's Head of Academic Unit and the PCAP programme leader.
2.3 Please refer to the PCAP Programme Specification for more details, available at:

3. Progression
3.1 All aspects of Module 1 must be completed before progression on to Module 2. The Module 3 RDM option may be completed independently of Modules 1 and 2.
3.2 The programme is designed to form an integral part of the probationary period of the University's academic staff. Successful completion of selected modules appropriate to the individual's role and level of appointment is a condition of probation.

4. Assessment
4.1 Assessment shall be based on a prescribed number of assignments submitted during or at the end of each module.
4.2 Candidates can submit their assignments for the module deadline dates which will be published annually. Alternative arrangements will be made for candidates on part-time contracts It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure completion of the modules in time to fulfil any probationary requirements.
4.3 The performance of candidates shall be assessed by the PCAP Board of Examiners in accordance with the regulations governing examinations for the programme.
4.4 Subject to the approval of the PCAP Board, candidates who have been unsuccessful may submit themselves for re-examination at the supplementary submission deadline.
4.5 Further information is available in the PCAP module handbooks (
4.6 Details on the submission of assignments can be found on the appropriate PCAP module webpages (

5. Award of Qualification(s)
5.1 All learning outcomes and professional levels have to be demonstrated to at least threshold standard to qualify for the award.
5.2 The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice is awarded by Senate, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners, to candidates who have satisfactorily completed an approved programme of study and have satisfied the assessment requirements. A minority of students who demonstrate positive academic achievement may alternatively be recommended for a Professional Certificate in Academic Practice, provided that they meet the standards required for that award.
5.3 Please see the University's regulations and procedures for appeals ( and complaints (, if necessary.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
Not applicable.

7. Other
7.1 These regulations may be revised during the candidate's period of registration in accordance with the procedures approved by Senate.
7.2 Students should comply with the University's regulations on attendance. All core module sessions are compulsory, and any sessions missed must be made up through completion of an alternative workshop recommended in the PCAP programme handbook or other learning event agreed with the Programme Leader.
7.3 Candidates are required to inform the Programme Leader of their intention to submit assignments for all three modules.

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