University Calendar 2016/17
Section IV : Enrolment Declaration

The majority of students will enrol with the University on-line via the web. On the final enrolment screen, students are required to read the following declaration before enrolment can be completed.
University of Southampton Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations
I hereby acknowledge that as a student of the University of Southampton I am bound by all the requirements in force under Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University as amended from time to time. I understand that these include the requirement that all outstanding academic debts to the University are paid before an award can be confirmed and that for serious breaches of regulations the penalties may include termination of enrolment. I confirm that the information on these pages is correct to the best of my knowledge.
Statement of Policy regarding the Data Protection Act 1998
I consent to the University processing my personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in the circumstances described below.
As a general principle, information collected about students will be stored as a permanent part of the University's records and used only for the purposes for which it was collected. It is used to support the University's central and legitimate activities (mainly teaching and research, administration, pastoral care and health and safety) and the procedures that underpin those activities (e.g. admitting, enrolling, accommodating and examining students, compiling records and statistics, administering tuition fees and bursaries, liaison with the University of Southampton Students' Union (Union Southampton), administering graduation and developing a continuing relationship with the University). Information may also be collected and stored as required by and in the manner prescribed by law. The information collected will be no more than is necessary for these purposes. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is the University of Southampton. The University will attempt to ensure that this information is as accurate as possible, kept up to date and safeguarded from unauthorised disclosure.
It may, however, be disclosed in certain appropriate circumstances, for example to UCAS; in references to prospective employers or to another university; in cases where this is necessary to fulfil the University's statutory obligations to authorised bodies such as the Higher Education Statistics Agency, including in connection with immigration and nationality, National Student Survey or postgraduate equivalent, council tax and the electoral register; to staff and officers of the University; to other parties in the pursuit of the University's legitimate interests, such as publishing examination results (whether on the Internet or via any other medium) and providing reports to grant-awarding authorities, sponsors and collaboration partners; or in accordance with the University's Notification with the Information Commissioner. Information about how your data is used by the Higher Education Statistics Agency can be found here.
It should be noted that, where information is held by one organisational unit of the University for several purposes set out in the University's Notification, the presumption will be that the information may be disclosed to other organisational units of the University in furtherance of any or all of those purposes. When necessary, data will also be disclosed to employers responsible for supervising students during periods of practical experience required as part of their degree programme or to other educational institutions where a collaborative, joint or exchange programme is undertaken.
The University may appoint external data processors to process students' personal data. Where any data processor is appointed, the University will ensure that the data processor (a) complies with obligations equivalent to those imposed on the University and (b) provides sufficient guarantees in respect of technical and organisational security measures governing the processing of any data.
The University may be required to disclose information to the police in a criminal investigation or to certain other public authorities and, in such circumstances, personal data may be released. Publication of examination results on the Internet, and disclosure of data relating to overseas and sponsored students and exchange and collaborative programmes, among others, may involve a transfer of personal data to a country outside of the European Economic Area which does not have comparable data protection legislation.
The University also reserves the right to release appropriate and relevant information to a parent, guardian or sponsor of a student to ensure or facilitate payment of any fees due to the University.
Sharing assessment information
I consent to the University making available to third parties, any piece of assessment work that I may undertake as a requirement of my programme of study where this is necessary for the conduct of proper academic business and quality assurance. This may include assessed items being stored by third parties, and further reproduced to assess work submitted at a later date. Assessment items submitted may also be reproduced for comparison against work submitted by other institutes.
Sharing disability information
If I disclose a disability or specific learning difficulty to the University I consent for Student Services at the University to sensitively share relevant information about any support requirements I may have within the University to enable the University to meet those support needs. I understand that appropriate information about my Disabled Students' Allowances (if eligible) may be disclosed to funding bodies external to the University (e.g. SFE, NHS or Research Council). Statistical information, which would not identify me, may be included in reports.
Sharing information in an emergency
I understand that if the University is seriously concerned about my safety or that of others it will discuss with me which external services may need to be involved in any support I may require. The University may, in very serious circumstances, contact external services without my permission to facilitate professional support (e.g. Doctor or emergency services). Whenever possible, I will be informed if information is to be shared externally.
For students sponsored by the University of Southampton under Tier 4 of the UK's immigration regulations:
I understand that the maximum number of hours I can work during term time is as stated on my visa or in the relevant visa regulations as published by the Home Office from time to time. I understand that the maximum number stated is the total that I may work, whether I work for one or more employers.
Satisfying admissions and assessment conditions
This enrolment is subject to me satisfying any outstanding requirements resulting from the admissions process, previous assessment, or any other stipulations required by my programme of study.
Students' Union
Union Southampton is the University's students' union regulated under the 1994 Education Act and is the representative body for all the students of the University. When you enrol on a credit bearing programme or higher degree by research at the University of Southampton you automatically become a member of Union Southampton.
Union Southampton is an independent company, limited by guarantee. Full membership is free and automatic; there is the potential to incur a 10p liability per member in the unlikely event Union Southampton should ever cease to exist.
We are required to bring to your attention your right under the Education Act 1994 to opt out of membership of Union Southampton should you choose, details are in the Code of Practice agreed by the University's Council, which is available here. Should you decide that you would prefer not to be a member, you should complete and sign the appropriate form (details can be found under Opting out of Membership in the University Calendar) and return it to Student Services Centre within four weeks of your enrolment or the start of your programme of study, whichever is the later date.
Please note; The University will share some of your data with Union Southampton to form Union Southampton's membership. If you would like further information about this, please contact the Student Records Team by emailing
Student Charter
The University of Southampton is committed to supporting students as they work towards fulfilling their academic and personal potential. Together as staff and students we form a community working to facilitate learning, within a culture based on mutual respect in which individual rights and responsibilities and diverse needs are promoted.
The charter is a reference point for students and staff to consider the nature of the rights and responsibilities of all those included within the University's community. It does not constitute a legally binding contract, but gives an overview of how we work together to establish and maintain our unique learning and living culture. Our Student Charter has been jointly developed by the University and the University of Southampton Students' Union (Union Southampton).
My responsibilities
After I have enrolled I accept that it is my responsibility:
  • to abide by the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University, including but not limited to those for Academic Integrity and those for Student Discipline;
  • to check the exact details of my tuition fees so that I am aware of how much and when these fees become due;
  • to check regularly my University of Southampton student email account as important information regarding my programme of study, tuition fees and accommodation (if applicable) will be sent via this medium;
  • to apply for a University ID card (new entrants only).
I confirm I wish to enrol for 2016-2017 Academic Session. I understand that, by confirming below, University fees become due and I agree to pay my fees in accordance with the University's fee payment policy.
(Further information for undergraduates is available at Further information for postgraduates is available at or from the Student Services Centre.)

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