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Section IV : General Regulations
Fees, Charges and Expenses

  1. The University reserves the right at any time to revise its published scales of fees and charges whether in respect of new entrants or of students already on their programme.

  2. The fee for any particular programme will be notified on application to the Academic Registrar.

  3. Fees for a session (or part of a session) are payable for the course in two instalments according to residence status. See undergraduate or postgraduate for further details on how to pay your fees. All other fees, charges and sums payable to the University are to be paid in full within seven days of the date of the invoice.

  4. No person shall be awarded a degree, diploma or certificate unless he or she has paid the Tuition fees prescribed and due to the University (Ordinance 7.4.5).

  5. Students in difficulties over settling their debts to the University are urged to discuss them with Student Fees at the earliest opportunity.
Fees 2016/17

Access details of your Tuition fees for 2016/17 here.
  1. The fees quoted in 'Money Matters', except where otherwise stated, are sessional fees for 2016/17, inclusive of all charges for matriculation, enrolment, tuition, examination, graduation and, where applicable, Students' Union subscription but not fees for re-examination. Enrolment with the University leads automatically to a liability for fees. A student who for any reason withdraws during the session will be entitled to a refund calculated on a pro rata basis: see Undergraduate Tuition Fees Refund Policy and Postgraduate Tuition Fees Refund Policy. The fees applicable to visiting students and to students pursuing programmes in the affiliated institutions are given in the appropriate sections below.

  2. Fees charged to full-time overseas students (excluding EU students) cover the full cost of tuition, examinations and membership of the Students' Union and, for research students, research support expenses. The University does not normally charge additional bench fees to overseas students who pay the inclusive fee. Part-time overseas students will be charged at 50% of full-time programmes.

  3. Students attending programmes but not seeking a qualification of the University will be charged fees to be determined in each case by the Academic Registrar but the following guidelines will apply:

    1. Full-time attendance: UK or overseas full-time Tuition Fee appropriate to programme.
    2. Part-time attendance: UK or overseas part-time Tuition Fee appropriate to the programme.
All Students

The following fees regulations apply to all students, as appropriate.
  1. Undergraduate Programmes

    1. Re-examination Fees:
      per re-examination for each paper taken on a second or subsequent occasion (to a maximum of £100 for five or more re-examinations within one academic year).

    2. An administration fee of £415 will be charged to any candidate retaking any examination papers in a centre other than the University of Southampton. This fee is in addition to any fee applicable under (a), above.

    3. All students spending a period of study abroad as part of their programme are required to pay the standard sessional fee in respect of that period.

  2. Postgraduate Research and Taught Programmes

    1. Nominal writing up fee: (single payment due six months after transfer - within this time) £110

    2. In addition to the appropriate sessional fee the University may charge a research support fee not exceeding £1890 per annum: (UK/EU only; fees for overseas research students are normally inclusive of support fees.)

    3. Re-examination fees taught programmes:
      20 per re-examination for each paper taken on a second or subsequent occasion (to a maximum of £100 for five or more re-examinations within one academic year).

    4. An administration fee of £415 will be charged to any postgraduate taught programme candidate retaking any examination papers in a centre other than the University of Southampton. This fee is in addition to any fee applicable under (c), above.

    5. Examination fee for DM : £1,600.

    6. Fee for re-submission of thesis or published works (all candidates):
      MPhil : £170
      PhD : £190
      DM : £190

    7. A student beginning a research programme in mid-session shall pay fees pro rata for each calendar month of candidature until the 30 September next following, part of a month counting as a full month.

    8. Higher Doctorates:
      Examination fee for DLitt, DMus, DSc, DSc(Social Sciences), LLD (external candidates): £1000 all candidates.

  3. Transcripts, Certificates and Award Letters:

    In accordance with the policy set out in 'Transcripts and Certificates', the agreed Scale of Fees for the academic year 2016/17 is as follows:

    (i) 1 certificate of attendance/registration per term No charge
    (ii) 1 confirmation of award letter No charge
    (iii) 1 transcript or diploma supplement (with grade or marks) provided to the student or sent to another University per year No charge
    (iv) Subsequent certificates of attendance/registration in the same term £10.00
    (v) Subsequent confirmation of award letters£10.00
    (vi) Subsequent transcripts £10.00 each or 10 for £50.00
    (vii) Certified copies of degree certificates £40.00
    (viii) Replacement of award certificate £40.00
    (ix) Courier delivery of any of the above £10.00
    (x) Special packages designed for international verification, World Education Service offices and D.O.A.T.A.P (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center) £40.00
  1. Except in cases where special examination arrangements are in place, or Special Considerations apply, any student whose examination script is deemed illegible by the examiners may be required to pay for it to be converted to typescript for marking. This will be charged at £10 p.h.

  2. If payment of Tuition Fees is not received in accordance with the fees policy, the Director of Finance will inform the Academic Registrar. The students concerned will be liable to termination of programme. The effective termination date will be determined by the amount of Tuition Fees paid on a pro rata basis. Students may also be refused examination in accordance with Ordinance 7.3.6.

  3. If payment of any other debt is not received by the due date the Director of Finance may refer the total debt outstanding to the University's external debt collection agents for recovery. The student concerned will be liable for any charges arising from the referral including the referral charges and the costs of any court action.

  4. Students who are expecting to progress on a programme into the next academic year but who have a Tuition Fees debt to the University outstanding on 31 July may not be permitted to sit examinations (if any) in the following September and will not be permitted to enrol for the following session while their Tuition Fees debt remains outstanding. Enrolment will only be granted upon receipt of cleared funds and the student may be requested to provide advance payment in full for Tuition Fees. The programme of such a student will thus effectively be terminated if the Tuition Fees debt remains unpaid.

  5. Students who have not made full payment of Tuition fees for a programme at the University of Southampton will not be permitted to enrol for another programme at the University until cleared funds have been received by the University, and the student may be requested to provide advance payment in full for Tuition Fees for the subsequent programme.
Fees for Programmes at Accredited and Affiliated Institutions

Please refer to the individual colleges for details of tuition fees.

Other Fees and Expenses

The following information does not apply to students following programmes in affiliated institutions.
  1. Whilst undertaking your programme you may incur costs which are in addition to the Tuition Fees and the examination and administration fees set out in these Regulations. These are costs which are also over and above your day-to-day living costs.

  2. Students are responsible for meeting the cost of essential textbooks, and of producing such essays, assignments, laboratory reports and dissertations as are required to fulfil the academic requirements for each programme of study. Some faculties will make a nominal charge for the provision of essential supplementary material and study guides. Please ask for current rates at the faculty/service concerned.

  3. These additional costs will vary according to your programme, may be considerable and are typically incurred to purchase or pay for:
    • Books and stationery.

    • Equipment (such as Lab equipment, Field Equipment, Art equipment, Recording Equipment, stethoscopes, fobwatch, Excavation equipment, Approved Calculators)

    • Materials (such as laboratory materials, textbooks, drawing paper, fabric, thread, computer disks, Sheet Music)

    • Software Licenses

    • Clothing (such as Protective Clothing, Lab Coats,  specific shoes and trousers)

    • Printing and Photocopying Costs (such as Printing coursework for submission, Printing and binding dissertations or theses, Academic Poster (A1) printing)

    • Typing costs

    • Field Trips (including accommodation costs for the field trips)

    • Work Experience and Placements (including accommodation costs near the placement, additional insurance costs)

    • Travel Costs for placements, field trips and to and from the University and various campus locations (including travel insurance)

    • Paying for immunisation and vaccination costs before being allowed to attend placements

    • Obtaining Disclosure and Barring Certificates or Clearance

    • Subsistence costs

    • Paying for a Music accompanist

    • Translation of birth certificates (for programmes abroad)

    • Conference expenses

    • Professional examinations

    • Parking costs (including on placements at hospitals)

    • Replacing lost student ID cards

    • Other activities (e.g. visiting specialist marine stations and other institutions)

    • Costs of attending a graduation ceremony (e.g. hiring a gown for graduation)

  4. The above list is not exhaustive. Students on  taught programmes can gain a more detailed understanding of additional costs by looking at information about cost implications for the modules which he/she must take and/or could choose to take for the programme.

  5. All Students are advised to contact the relevant faculty in order to obtain the latest and fullest list of additional costs associated with their programme of study.
Hall Fee Regulations

Follow the link to access the University of Southampton Hall of Residence Regulations.
  1. Fees Due

    1. Fee liability becomes due once a place has been accepted.

    2. Students wishing to leave Hall will be financially liable for the full period of the contract unless an appropriate replacement can be found by the Residence Service. Where no appropriate replacement is found, a student wishing to leave Hall who feels that, due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, severe hardship will result from their continuing liability for the full duration of their Residence Agreement, he/she may write to the Deputy Residences Manager requesting to be released from such liability ("the Request") detailing how such circumstances have arisen, and including any evidence as may be appropriate in support of their case. The Deputy Residences Manager will, based on this evidence and after consultation with the Warden and the Accommodation Officer, make a recommendation to release the student or not, subject to ratification and appeals as set out in the Residence Handbook.

    3. When a student withdraws or suspends from a programme in accordance with the regulations, hall fees are due for 7 days from the date the student vacates his/her place unless 7 days' notice has previously been received.

    4. Full fees are due if a place for the start of session is cancelled less than 10 working days before the start of that session.

    5. A pre-payment deposit of 350 is required for all first year postgraduate students. This is deducted from the final instalment of hall fees.

    6. A pre-payment of £150 is required for continuing students. This is deducted from the final instalment of hall fees.
Residence and Lodging Fees 2016/17

For a detailed breakdown of all accommodation fees, go to

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