University Calendar 2016/17
Section XIII : Academic Regulations - Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences

Academic Unit Southampton Education School
Final Award Professional Doctor of Education (EdD)
Intermediate exit awards:
Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies (PCES) Education Research
Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) in Education Research
MSc Education Research
MPhil (Research Methodology)
Programme(s) Professional Doctor of Education (EdD) (final intake 2015/16)
Last modified June 2016

Reference should be made to the University's General Regulations found in Section IV and Section V (Higher Degree Regulations) of the University Calendar.

Except where an opt-out has been granted by the University (see below) the following academic regulations apply in addition to the General Regulations.

1. Admissions
1.1 Typically, applicants are expected to have a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent professional qualification) plus a Master's degree and a minimum of two years' experience as a professional educator or educational administrator.
1.2 English language entry level: average of 6.5 IELTS and minimum of 6.0 in each IELTS component, or equivalent.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 The General Regulations for Research Degrees with a Major Taught Component apply to this programme.
2.2 The scheme of study will comprise attendance at 12 modules, comprising an appropriate mix of taught compulsory and taught optional modules in research and substantive topics from the ESRC Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) and the Southampton Education School (SEdS) research training programme, and the completion of a research thesis.
2.3 All students will be assigned a Personal Academic Tutor during the taught phase and a supervisory team who will be responsible for supervision of the student's progress on their thesis.
2.4 Students are required to undertake the scheme of study over a period of not less than three years and not more than four years' full-time study, or not less than four year and not more than seven years' part-time study.
2.5 The programme specification provides further detail, including modules, credits and content.

3. Progression
3.1 All students will be registered for the EdD. To be able to progress onto the research phase, students will be required to achieve 60% or higher in at least six of the modules and not less than 50% in the remainder (60 ECTS/120 CATS).
3.2 A student failing to meet the required Pass Marks in 3.1 will be provided with the opportunity to resubmit the failed assessments to obtain the required Pass (known as Referral).
3.3 A student failing to pass at Referral will be provided with the opportunity to Repeat the module or, in the case of more than one fail, to Repeat the year (known as Repeat).
3.4 Failure following Repeat will result in termination of the programme of study.

4. Assessment
4.1 Candidates are required to successfully complete:
  • A portfolio of coursework of 30,000 words based on a range of 12 assignments from across the 12 taught modules. Permission to proceed to the thesis stage will be given by the Southampton Education School and (subject to scrutiny by an external examiner) on the basis of meeting the progression requirements noted in section 3 above.

  • A research thesis of 45,000 words.

  • An oral examination.
4.2 Students must attend 80% of each module. Those unable to meet this criterion will be asked to repeat the module(s) concerned.
4.3 In the case only of a PhD research student who has failed to satisfy the examiners, permission may be given to the research student to apply within a specified time for the award of the degree of MPhil (Research Methodology). Submission may be allowed without re-examination, subject to any minor amendment of the thesis which may be required by the examiners. Or, at the request of the examiners, submission of a revised thesis may be subject to re-examination, including a viva voce. In such circumstances, the work must meet the normal criteria for the award of the MPhil degree.

5. Award of Qualification(s)
5.1 The final award is that of Professional Doctor of Education.
5.2 A student who successfully completes all 12 modules, but does not achieve the required balance of grades needed for progression to the research phase, may be offered the option of undertaking an MSc dissertation (15,000 to 17,000 words) and, if successful, exit with an award of MSc Education Research.
5.3 A student may choose to exit following successful completion of 6 modules at a Pass Mark of 50%, with the prospect of the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies/ Education Research.
5.4 A student may choose to exit following successful completion of 12 modules at a Pass Mark of 50% with the prospect of the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Education Research.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
Not applicable.

7. Other
7.1 As a research-led University, we undertake a continuous review of our programmes to ensure quality enhancement and to manage our resources. As a result, these regulations may be revised during a student's period of registration, however, any revision will be balanced against the requirement that the student should receive the educational service expected. Please read our Disclaimer to see why, when and how changes may be made to a student's programme.
7.2 Students are required to satisfy the academic and the Attendance and Completion of Programme Requirements as set out in section IV of the University calendar, the programme specification and the programme handbook. Those failing to do so may have their programme terminated (see University Calendar Section IV: Transfer, Suspension, Withdrawal and Termination).

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