University Calendar 2016/17
Section XIII : Academic Regulations - Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences

Academic Unit Southampton Education School
Final Award PhD
Programme(s) Integrated PhD in Education
Last modified April 2016

Reference should be made to the University's General Regulations found in Section IV and Section V (Higher Degree Regulations) of the University Calendar.

Except where an opt-out has been granted by the University (see below) the following academic regulations apply in addition to the General Regulations.

1. Admissions
1.1 All applicants should satisfy the general criteria for PhD admission.
1.2 Please refer to the relevant programme specifications for further detail.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 Part I of the programme consists of taught components in Year 1 and a Level 7 dissertation which may span Years 1 and 2. Part II of the programme consists of a Level 8 research element spanning years 2, 3 and 4, as detailed in the programme specification.

3. Progression
Progression onto the research element of the programme is determined by satisfactory completion of the taught element and the Level 7 dissertation.
3.1 The pass mark for standalone masters modules and modules taken as part of  Part I of the iPhD is 50% as per the Regulations for Standalone Masters programmes. Core modules are not compensated.
3.2 The student must achieve an average pass mark of at least 60% in the taught modules.
3.3 The Pass Mark for the Level 7 dissertation is 60%. A candidate failing to achieve the Pass Mark may submit a revised dissertation on one occasion only. The mark for a resubmitted dissertation will be Capped at the Module Pass Mark to determine progression or the level of any exit award.
3.4 Students who fail the assessment for the taught element may be referred in the summer referral exams.
3.5 Students who fail to meet the average pass mark of at least 60% for the taught element may be referred in the summer referral exams.
3.6 No repeat year is allowed.
3.7 Those students who do not satisfy the requirements for progression to the research phase of the programme may be awarded an exit award as governed by the regulations for the degree of Integrated PhD in Named Subjects.
3.8 Progression in the research element of the programme is monitored, assessed and governed by the regulations for the degree of Integrated PhD in Named Subjects as specified in the Calendar, and the Code of Practice for Research Candidature and Supervision.
3.9 Please refer to the relevant Programme Specification for further details.

4. Assessment
4.1 Assessment in the taught elements is as laid out in the Programme Specification.
4.2 Assessment in the research element of the programme follows the regulations for an Integrated PhD in Named Subjects as specified in Section V of the Calendar.

5. Award of Qualification(s)
5.1 The regulations governing the submission for, assessment and award of this degree are those specified as an Integrated PhD in Named Subjects. The named award is PhD.
5.2 Students who have progressed to the research component who exit the programme early may be considered for the award of an MPhil if they have demonstrated the criteria specified for this award in the University's Code of Practice for Research Candidature and Supervision.
5.3 For exit awards, please see Programme Specification.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
There is no formal requirement to undertake a placement. Where a placement is arranged this will be subject to the University's normal risk assessment procedures.

7. Other
7.1 As a research-led University, we undertake a continuous review of our programmes to ensure quality enhancement and to manage our resources. As a result, these regulations may be revised during a student's period of registration, however, any revision will be balanced against the requirement that the student should receive the educational service expected. Please read our Disclaimer to see why, when and how changes may be made to a student's programme.
7.2 Students are required to satisfy the academic and the Attendance and Completion of Programme Requirements as set out in section IV of the University calendar, the programme specification and the programme handbook. Those failing to do so may have their programme terminated (see University Calendar Section IV: Transfer, Suspension, Withdrawal and Termination).

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