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Section XIII : Academic Regulations - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

ARCHIVE 2008/9
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Academic Unit Southampton Education School
Final Award Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training)(PGCE PCET) (final intake 2011/12)
Intermediate Exit Award
Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training

These regulations apply specifically to the PGCE (PCET) programme offered to students at RMA Sandhurst (programme no longer offered to new entrants).
Programme(s) Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training)
Last modified July 2014

Reference should be made to the University's General Regulations found in Section IV and Section V (Higher Degree Regulations) of the University Calendar.

Except where an opt-out has been granted by the University (see below) the following academic regulations apply in addition to the General Regulations.

1. Admissions
1.1 Entry Requirements
  1. must satisfy the Regulations for Admission to Degree Programmes as specified in Section IV of the University Calendar;

  2. must satisfy the necessary programme requirements as set out in the programme specification.
1.2 Disclosure and Barring Service
Students will normally need to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This will be determined by the student's employer but the University will require written confirmation that the DBS check has been successful or formal notification from the studentís employer that such a check is not required.
1.3 Equal Opportunities
All individuals are selected and treated on their relative merits and abilities in line with the University's Equal Opportunities Policy. Disabled applicants will be treated according to the same procedure as any other applicant with the added involvement of the Enabling Services Office to assess their needs.

2. Structure of Programme(s)
2.1 Modes of Study
The programme is normally studied part-time over two academic years.
2.2 Levels of Study
The PGCE PCET is structured over two academic levels of study. Successful completion confers 30 ECTS (60 CATS) at Masters Level. The programme contains modules in pertaining to the academic study of pedagogy and andragogy, including research skills, as well the development of practical teaching skills and techniques.

3. Progression
Post-compulsory Education and Training programmes follow the University of Southampton's regulations for progression.

4. Assessment
4.1 The performance of students shall be assessed by the Board of Examiners in accordance with the regulations governing the Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Standalone Masters Programmes as set out in Section IV of the University Calendar.
4.2 Marking Scale
Assignments in Year 1 are marked on a Pass/Fail basis as are the Student Support, Coaching Unit and the Professional Practice, Development and Reflection unit in Year 2.  Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Action Research and Extending Professional Practice units are marked at Masters Level on a percentage pass basis. Observation of practice is marked in accordance with OfSTED guidelines on a 1-4 scale.

5. Award of Qualification(s)
The programme follows the University Regulations for the Progression, Determination and Classification of Results: Standalone Masters Programmes asspecified in Section IV of the University Calendar.

6. Placements/Study Abroad/Exchange/Fieldwork
Observation of Practice
All students are required to undertake a number of observed teaching sessions, the details of which are outlined annually in the Programme Handbook and may be subject to change as determined by external regulation. In Year 1 the observations are recorded on a Pass/Fail basis whereas in Year 2 they conform to OfSTED grading guidelines.

7. Other
7.1 Change of Regulations
These regulations may be revised during the student's period of registration in accordance with the procedures approved by Senate.
7.2 Attendance
Students are required to satisfy the academic and the Attendance and Completion of Programme Requirements as set out in section IV of the University calendar, the programme specification and the programme handbook. Those students failing to do so may have their course terminated (see University Calendar Section IV: Transfer, Suspension, Withdrawal and Termination).

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